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We’ve curated some of our favorite resources here to help you plan for 2021 and grouped them based upon the 5 tips shared by Michelle in her presentation.

Think about the areas in your marketing plan that need the most improvement, new strategies you might wish to explore, and pick-and-choose which webinars or articles benefit you most.


Michelle’s Planning Cheat Sheet

This is set-up as a Google Doc you can edit. To use it, you will need to make a copy in your own Google Docs account, print it, or download it as a Word doc to edit on your local drive.


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Not all IDX is created equal

Most IDX solutions work on an update schedule that can be anywhere from every 15 minutes to once a day (ouch!)

Our IDX solutions are all connected directly to Flexmls, with up-to-the-second live data fed to your website constantly, based upon changes made in your MLS system.