WordPress Plugins for REALTORS®: Free Guide

Apr 24, 2023

Adding more power to your IDX Home Search Site.

Plugins are comprised of software created by thousands of developers all over the globe. They are designed to help you add power and specific functionality to your WordPress site. Implemented correctly, they can take your site to a powerful new level and help you reach your goals of capturing and converting quality leads.

We have created an exclusive guide for Flexmls® users that are interested in or using WordPress for their website. It’s a review of great plugins to keep your FBS Products IDX WordPress site running optimally, securely; ready to be seen and indexed by search engines.

Before you start installing plugins, however, there are some things you should be aware of that can have a big impact on your site.

Download our guide.

Use this checklist as a handy reference.

1. Be sure you check reviews before installing. Some plugins are created just for the sole purpose of putting adware or even viruses on your site. If there are only a few downloads or the reviews don’t seem quite right, give it a second thought.

2. Do you really need it? Some plugins seem super cool and you may think it’s something people would love but if it doesn’t serve a purpose that truly benefits your visitors and your goals, don’t bother. Bogging your site down with plugins that may cause conflicts with design elements – or even one another – isn’t worth it. (See #3)

3. Don’t go crazy. Installing too many plugins will hamper your site’s functionality and could slow it down to the point where it has an impact on the traffic to your site.  

4. Try the trial first. If you find that after using the free version of the plugin that you will continue to use it, by all means, drop the coin on it! It’s usually a small investment for something that has a useful purpose.

5. Back up first. Be sure you have a good backup before installing a plugin. This can not be understated, so I’ll say it again: be sure you have a good backup before installing a plugin. (check out the backup plugin referenced in the download guide)

Combining the power of your FBS IDX WordPress Plugin with other plugins can help you establish a completely unique, lead-capturing IDX website that can compete at any level.

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