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Add Flexmls IDX SmartFrame to a Wix Website

Sep 28, 2021

Wix is just one of many powerful DIY website platforms that can help you build a great-looking, real estate website, complete with IDX home search.

Combining our Flexmls-connected IDX Smartframe searches with their awesome real estate template system is straightforward and easy – just cut-and-paste! Here is a quick tutorial to show you how easy it is.

Most templated website platforms like Wix, operate similarly and you can cross-apply this process for most of them too. However, we have many customers who love and use SquareSpace, for example, here is quick tip video for SquareSpace. Check it out.

If your considering a different website platform and want more specific advice, get in touch with one of our IDX Specialists and they’ll be happy to give you a demo of how SmartFrame might work for you.

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