Marketing Your Live Data Edge Via Social Media

Mar 12, 2020


By Mike Price – IDX Trainer

Live IDX real estate data & social media

We spend a lot of time talking about LIVE data and its importance in providing an unequaled IDX experience for your clients. If you haven’t downloaded the “10 ideas to drive leads” guide that I created a while back,

In this success article, I am expanding on the concept of using LIVE data as a powerful marketing tool, providing you with some suggestions specific to social media. Developing some creative content around the topic of LIVE data, you can generate quality traffic to your site.

I suggest creating a “Live Data” landing page on your website that includes a residential saved search. Direct all of your social marketing messages to this page. Use a variety of different messages so you can track the traffic and see which work best.
PS (Here’s a link to a Coffee Break Webinar about web analytics, register to find out more about tracking your web traffic)


Communicating in 140 characters isn’t as difficult as you might think. To set yourself apart from the din of messages that scroll through a Twitter user’s feed, I recommend creating an image to associate with your Tweet.

Example Tweets:

“Frustrated with your home search? Click here to see the “LIVE DATA DIFFERENCE.”

“View all of the listings in the MLS updated LIVE and up to the second fresh!”

Tip: Use a stock photo service like find unique photos to accompany your social media messaging.


Facebook offers the best opportunity for engagement with social media prospects, and having a unique message improves your ability to garner attention. As with Twitter, images are critical to getting attention. In this instance, I would tailor the social media message in a way that can create a conversation around the topic.

Tip: I would also consider investing in Facebook advertising to boost your posts. Start with a small budget and see how it works out.

Example Facebook Messaging: Ask me about LIVE data home search! My website features a home search of the entire MLS, but it goes a step further by displaying listings that are up-to-the-second fresh. If you’ve been frustrated with other home searches, visit my site to see all of the new listings, price changes, and more….first! You can save your favorites, sign up for new listing alerts, and much more.


Find high impact photos or videos that you can add a LIVE data statement and hashtag (#LIVEmlsData) in the comments. (Be sure to link it to your LIVE Data Landing Page)


All The New Listings First! LIVE Data Home Search

Only use photos or videos that you or someone on your team have produced. Do not use stock images on Instagram.

Shoot a quick video where you explain (in 60 seconds or less) why LIVE data is essential and link it back to your LIVE data, saved search landing page.


If you’re not using Pinterest as a Social media marketing channel, I highly recommend you take a look at the options that a Pinterest business account can offer you. If you’re creating niche-based saved searches, why not include boards for those? Amongst the pins, you can create a LIVE data specific pin and link it back to your LIVE Data landing page. Pinterest provides a great deal of guidance and resources for small businesses. Check out this blog post from the marketing resource, KissMetrics, and click through to some of the resources to give you some ideas; once you’re set-up, drive home the LIVE data message in your pins!

Blogging & LinkedIn

These are your long-form opportunities to tell the story of LIVE data and why it’s crucial. It doesn’t have to be war and peace; In fact, one paragraph is enough. It gives you the chance to set yourself apart from big portals and other sites that offer home search. Drive home the reasons LIVE data is vital to anyone involved in a home search and how it’s unique to you.

Again, imagery is essential. If you plan to do a blog post and a LinkedIn post, be sure to change them up a bit. When search engines index web pages, they sometimes exclude duplicate content posted under different domains.

Make sure you’ve maximized your ability to capture leads from social media with live, Flexmls connected data. If you’re not running it on your site, you owe it to yourself to get a free demo by using the button below.

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