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6 rules of social media engagement

6 Rules of Engagement For Social Media

Mar 18, 2020

There are some great examples of hard working agents and brokers that are getting social media right.

They are transforming the way they communicate with past, current and future clients creating fantastic content that works. And what they’re doing works because these agents and brokers know that, just like in offline interactions, social media is about building relationships and making transactions great experiences. The savvy also know that social media can be a fantastic way to stay connected to past clients in a meaningful way that keeps a pipeline full of solid repeat and referral business.

On the flip side, there are, unfortunately, real estate agents that are getting it wrong. There are many reasons for this including buying into “get quick traffic” schemes, courses, and e-books by so-called social media consultants, to just a general misunderstanding of the impact that social media message have on reputation and relationship. Whatever the reason, following some simple rules of engagement and being willing to do the work (just as it needs to be done by all small business owners in any other marketing channel) is what it takes to succeed.

There is no quick route to lead capture nirvana, unfortunately. Not even on social media. It isn’t about clicks for click’s sake, silly memes or video sharing platforms designed to entertain 13 year old kids. It’s about creating content that buyers and sellers find value in and doing it on a regular basis that, over a period of time, creates relationship, trust, and top-of-mind awareness. Download our guide, 6 rules for social media engagement to find out how to be a savvy agent on social media: