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Calls-To-Action and Your IDX Website Lead Capture

Aug 1, 2020

Mike Price – IDX Trainer

You’ve got your IDX home search site set up and checked all the boxes for great content.

You’ve run your analytics and determined the site is getting a respectable amount of traffic. 

So, where are the leads?

Perhaps it’s time to audit your site’s calls-to-action (CTAs)?

What Is A Call-To-Action?
portal loginCTA is a term used by marketers. It’s the copy used in your site that directs a visitor to what type of action to take and the method used to take it (a link or a button to a form, an email link, etc…) It could be just a couple of words (“Sign Up”) or it could be more instructive, as you see with the example CTA provided to the left. It’s created with the portal login widget in the FBS Products WordPress plugin that comes pre-populated with a suggested CTA. The cool thing about it? It can be modified in any way you want and I encourage you to change it up. Test different versions on different pages of your site until you have one that gets the results you’re looking for.  

Why Do You Need A Strong CTA?
A strong CTA is a connective element between the great content you have created and the ultimate goal of capturing a lead from it. You could work super hard to create a killer video or tell the best hyperlocal lifestyle story in the world and still fall short because you didn’t create the proper incentive and motivation that convinces your prospect to act.  

Telling someone what you want them to do also needs to have a compelling reason for why they should do it. In our earlier example, what is either to log in to a previously-created account or to create an account. The why is so that a prospect can take advantage of all the benefits a Flexmls portal account affords.

How Long Should a CTA be?
Should a call-to-action just be a few words, or can it be longer than a sentence? The answer is yes. LOL. It depends. Employing brevity and sticking to the point most economically is what’s most important. In some cases, you will want to have a longer-form CTA.

Taking the time to review your content and the connective elements you use as CTAs can go a long way toward improving your lead capture. If you want to improve your lead capture, review your CTAs for the what and why. Here’s to your lead capture success!

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