Content Marketing For Brokers And Agents Part 2 of 4

Mar 2, 2020

Mike Price – IDX Trainer / Content Specialist

Part 2. Your Simple Content Marketing Strategy

In our first article, we outlined what Content Marketing is and how to generate ideas to keep quality traffic flowing to your IDX home search website. In Part 2, we discuss establishing your strategy.

  1. First, plan your content. Create your ideas and map them out using an editorial planner 
  2. Audit your website. A professional IDX based home search website is a critical ingredient to your marketing mix, and using IDX as great content is a great way to generate qualified traffic and leads. 
  3. Blog consistently. Blogs help you build credibility and establish you as the hyperlocal expert for the areas you serve. Adding saved searches around the stories you tell gives your readers one-click access to their potential dream home. Note the word “consistently.” It doesn’t mean every day, but it does mean on a regular schedule that’s realistic for you. Not only will having a particular day of the week as your blog day (or maybe once a month, if that’s all you’ve got time for) help you to calendar-in the time to make it part of your regular activities, it will also start to create an expectation with your clients and leads of what and when to expect from you. They may begin to look forward to (and forward) your quarterly market forecasts or monthly neighborhood posts!
  4. Develop your social strategy and stick to it. Your social media reach can be more effective with a well-planned calendar. Using software like Hootsuite can also help you manage to distribute your social media content more efficiently.
  5. Be consistent. Creating new and fresh content for all of your content marketing resources will help with your SEO, lead generation, and overall branding credibility.
  6. Use Multiple Channels. If possible, try to use a mix of channels. 1. Video: using primarily Facebook and an easy to set up YouTube channel, you can post your video content, be it testimonials, neighborhood tours, points of interest, etc. 2. Visual: Great photos and graphics. Consider setting up an account with Envato Elements to get access to a multitude of great stock images and more. 3. Written: Tell great stories with your blog posts and social media content. Whether it’s how you helped a client achieve the dream of homeownership or how you describe an excellent neighborhood, honing your storytelling skills will help your written content endeavors.

Taking the time to outline your content marketing strategy will help you maximize all of the channels that can help you generate qualified traffic to your IDX website. If you are not currently using one of FBS Products’ LIVE data IDX solutions, you can find out more about all the options available to you with a live demonstration from one of our IDX specialists. Just use the form below, and we will get you scheduled right away.

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