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IDX As Web Content – Spring IDX Agent Tips

Dec 9, 2019

Creative use of saved searches = compelling content.

How do you establish and maintain a great marketing content when you’re out showing, signing and closing?
Keeping the pipeline full is tough. That’s where a resource like Spring IDX agent comes in. All of our IDX specialists have created their own example sites and they demonstrate some awesome ideas for using saved searches as content; content designed to zero-in on qualified leads.

1. Price Range searches 
Sid Iverson’s demo site has a drop-down menu that eliminates the need for a prospect to enter pricing criteria to search. You can do it for them ahead of time, save it as a search and, in seconds, add them as menu items in your Spring IDX navigation menu.
spring idx demonstration site by sid iversion for real estate websites

2. Neighborhood searches.
Jake, another of our awesome IDX specialists has created a hyperlocal neighborhood menu using saved searches. It’s as easy as logging into your site, searching by neighborhood, saving your search, and then instantly adding it to your navigation menu.
It’s another way prospects prefer to search and with a few clicks, you can do it for them!
demo idx website for realtors with jake idx speciialist for spring idx websites for agents
3. Mix-and-match
Steve Refling shows a little creativity with IDX by including a “Featured” list of saved searches that showcases listings over 500K and West Fargo. He has also created a custom neighborhood page for the Rocking Horse subdivision.
steve refling idx preview image
It’s easy to use a search inSpring IDX agent websites to create excellent content. And remember, every listing detail page also comes, out-of-the-box with hyperlocal resources like school information, points of interest, demographics and even recent home sales. Lead capture, content and more are also  all built-in!

Want to know more? Sid, Jake and Steve are standing by to provide you with a live demonstration to answer all of your questions. Call them for a free consultation today!
Let’s make this Fast, Smart, and Easy. Get a demo from one of our IDX specialists now.

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