Content Marketing For Real Estate Brokers & Agents (Part 1 of 4)

Mar 2, 2020

Mike Price – IDX Trainer / Content Specialist

Part 1: What is Content Marketing?

content marketing for real estate brokers and agents

What exactly is “content”?

Content is anything you’ve developed to provide information to a buyer or seller. Every listing description, tweet, blog post, listing photo, video, Facebook post, listing presentation, agent profile, and much more can be considered content.

What is “content marketing”?
Content marketing is the use of any content piece to help you reach specific marketing goals. For example:

  • Awareness. Being top of mind with short and long term prospective buyers/sellers.
  • Calls to action IE: requests for more listing information, saved searches, contact forms & more (lead capture)
  • Retention of previous clients through follow up.
  • Acquisition of testimonials

Content & Your IDX Home Search Site
Defining your markets around the neighborhoods and niches you serve will help you create unique content targeted to your buyers and sellers. Using saved IDX searches to augment this content allows you to present home search data in a way that sets you apart from your competitors and big portals. Here are just a few content examples of where to include saved searches:

  • Neighborhood Guides
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Posts
  • Email Campaigns

Content Marketing Resources
How do you create great content? What if you’re stuck for ideas? What are the best platforms, and how do you get them seen? Where are some good examples of content that works? We’ve created a resource guide to help you out! Free Download:

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Part 2. Your Simple Content Marketing Strategy

Part 3. Creating Your Content Calendar

Part 4. Analyzing Your Content Marketing

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