“On Page” SEO and Your IDX Website

Apr 1, 2020

Mike Price – IDX Trainer


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, means optimizing your website to be found (and found closer to the top of search results) in search engines like Google, Bing, Duck.Com, or others.

It’s also spawned a cadre of industry professionals and software that can cost a fortune. If you get emails telling you that you can be found “number one in google”, don’t bite! Unless you want to invest oodles of time or cash, it’s unlikely that (except for some pretty specific search terms) you’re going to be number one for every search. What you CAN do, however, is rank higher AND rank well for very specific search terms.

If you’re managing your own IDX home search site you should be aware of some important basics.

First, don’t get bogged down in trying to compete for broad searches such as “real estate in Knoxville Tn” where large portals and brokerages have the money to win the day. Plus the leads associated with this type of search are not nearly as high quality as those that find you in a more granular search for neighborhoods and/or the niches you serve.

The type of keywords and key phrases you are creating should include the “intent” of your ultimate prospect, IE: “homes for sale in “XYZ neighborhood” in “XYZ town/city” or a niche-based key phrase “lake homes for sale on pelican lake in MN Lake Country”

By taking the time to make sure your pages and content are optimized with the keywords & phrases in copy throughout that you want to be “found” for, you can then check the analytics of your site. You should see a consistent uptick in quality SEO related traffic to your site if you are staying on top of your effort.

It can be complicated but, if you’re intent on getting some serious web traffic this way, it’s worth the time to learn as much as you can about the topic. Click here for one of the best comprehensive resources I have found and it can help you become the master of your domain.

Prepare Your Content For Search Intent
When developing content for your website, you should take into consideration some of the “intent” used in searches that can be folded into your copy and page text.

The best way to determine which keywords and phrases rank better than others for SEO is to do some research ahead of time. The Google Search Console is just one of many resources you can use to collect the keywords and phrases to be used in your content.

All of the text that appears on your pages is considered “copy” and being able to make sure your copy is optimized for search isn’t that complicated.

Still, keeping in mind that you are writing for people, not a computer search algorithm. Sonia from Copy blogger says it best, “I don’t think there’s a single topic in online marketing that’s as misunderstood as SEO”. It doesn’t have to be and it can be done with only the investment of your time to do it correctly.

Check out this video from a true expert on the subject:

Google determines how relevant a site or page is to the content is based on authority. One of the factors is based on how many external links are to your content. Building them where you can is important. Ashworth creative has written a great post on backlinking and why it’s still a relevant way to improve SEO. Want to know more about backlink building, click the button below.

Websites don’t generate traffic and leads on their own. Maybe 20 years that was the case but not anymore. Everyone has a website now and it’s a crowded neighborhood online. If you’re staring at your website and wondering “what have you done for me lately?” make sure you’ve turned that question back around on yourself too. Like most things in business, you get out what you put in.

That said, SEO is important but it’s not what it once was as a means of marketing a website. I suggest you stay vigilant about the important basics while remembering that promoting your site in all the usual ways (emails, business cards, all your paid ads online and in print, etc..) and staying focused on hyperlocal content that customers will love, is the key. I’ll be sharing more with you in upcoming articles!


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