I just want simple and inexpensive

IDX: I Just Want Simple and Inexpensive

Jan 9, 2024

by Brett Woolley

Simple and inexpensive is definitely possible! Perhaps you are looking for a simple link you can put on social media, your email signature, or even forward a domain name to the link and use it as a website. With the Flexmls IDX SmartFrame you can put your link on a website provided by your broker, or a host of low-cost “template” websites like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace. There’s no need you have to break the bank to provide your clients and prospects with a powerful home search on your website.

The Flexmls IDX SmartFrame gives you the most bang for the buck and once you subscribe, it becomes a part of your Flexmls account under Preferences, and unlocks a hidden gem: the Flexmls IDX Manager. It’s so easy that your first IDX link is created for you, and you can use IDX Manager to customize the settings and create unlimited saved search, quick search, hotsheet links and more. Once you have your SmartFrame links they can go anywhere that touches the Internet giving visitors to your website one-click access to local real estate information. The SmartFrame Lead Capture portal, coupled with Flexmls LIVE data, is an extremely powerful solution yet simple and inexpensive.

Not long ago, I created a webinar “Flexmls IDX: Your Competitive Edge”. This is a quick, 23-minute overview that goes over the SmartFrame features. You can even watch and interact with the FBS Products team throughout the webinar to get all your questions answered.


If you would like to talk with one of our IDX Product Consultants about these hosting options and other lead capture ideas, simply schedule a consultation below or call 866-320-9977 to get started with a free, no-obligation consultation.


~Here’s to your success!

~ Brett