WP Plugin v.3.10 packs a punch for developers and consumers alike

Aug 18, 2020

WordPress IDX Plugin Update Flexmls WordPress IDX Plugin from FBS Procucts version 3.1.0

Our latest update to our WordPress IDX plugin has just been released, with lots to make developers and consumers using home search functions happy.


The main focus for v.3.10 was ensuring compatibility with popular page-builder interfaces: WP Bakery and Elementor, both great tools for creating a compelling and customized website within which to house your IDX home search.

Among a list of other updates added to this new version of the Plugin, we added a Listing Summary view below the Map View on mobile devices, reducing the number of clicks on-the-go consumers need to make to get listing information.

By popular request, we also made it possible to create a preferred (“default”) view for our search widget, ensuring that site owners can dictate which view they wish their visitors to see first when searching. We know this was something that can be really helpful when regional or property-type specifics mean one view, such as a map view, is more helpful than another.

There were also cool tweaks made for Flexmls portal users who can now see their favorites marked while browsing as a logged-in visitor. Marking favorites is now also more consistent between the Plugin and our SmartFrame IDX (also included in our WP Plugin package), using the star icon across both platforms to ensure consistency for customers who are running both implementations on their site.

For a complete list of all the updates, check out our Developer Page.

If you’re not already a subscriber to our Flexmls-connected WordPress IDX Plugin, you can get a free product tour and more information by the handy-dandy button below.

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