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Cut and paste lead capture

Flexmls IDX SmartFrames Lead Capture: Copy, Paste, Done!

Feb 25, 2023

With an IDX solution connected to the Flexmls Platform powering your website, you can funnel your visitors directly to your Flexmls Portal as a lead. It sets you apart from your competition and reduces the chance of you losing prospects down the rabbit hole of large portal sites (who then want to sell you back your lead for a fee!)

And, having a Flexmls IDX powered web presence is easier than you might think.

With just a simple copy and paste you can have a Search the MLS, Saved Searches and even the ever-so-popular Hotsheets, all designed to provide your clients and prospects with access to the IDX data in a quick and timely fashion.

Below are some how-to quick videos for just a couple of the most popular platforms.

Quick Tip Tutorials

How to install SmartFrame on popular website platforms

All IDX solutions in the FBS Products lineup have built-in calls-to-action for lead capture. Take a few minutes to get a free, personalized guided tour from an IDX Product Consultant by clicking the button below!

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