Fast Markets Need Fast Data

May 6, 2021

4 ways you can capitalize on having LIVE data from the Flexmls® platform


With housing inventory at only 3.6 months of supply, the lowest it’s been in almost 20 years, homes in many markets are selling faster than ever. Finding, viewing, and placing an offer early is becoming every buyer’s number one priority.

You know you already have the most up-to-date listing information available in Flexmls® but the question is: how accurate is the listing information your clients are finding in their online home search tools?

The nightmare scenario: “Why aren’t you sending me all the homes on the market?”

If clients – current and potential – are coming to your website (or others) to perform home searches, every second counts in the results they are getting back.

You may not see that just-gone-pending listing in your search results in Flexmls but your clients may be on a site with data that is only updated every few hours and that still shows that that home is still active; you’re the one who gets the call asking why that property wasn’t included in their recent list from you. It’s no fun having to explain the vagaries of data update timelines and walk yourself out of a situation where your clients are questioning their trust in you.

The ideal situation: your website has LIVE data, directly from the Flexmls Platform.

The good news is that you can avoid that uncomfortable conversation and ensure that your clients are getting the same, up-to-the-second accurate listing information as you receive from Flexmls.

Flexmls IDX SmartFrame and the WordPress Plugin both feature live listing data directly from Flexmls that is accurate to within seconds of changes made in your MLS itself. When you use these tools on your website, you can direct clients and leads there with confidence, sharing with them that they are seeing the same data you view in the MLS.

What’s more, both solutions are connected to the Flexmls platform, which means that, if visitors sign-up to save searches and get email subscription updates, they automatically arrive in your Contact Manager as a lead, and self-register themselves for a Flexmls Portal, where you can view their search activity. Your clients will wonder how you are managing to nail their ideal home features so often! Sweet.

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