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6 Ideas for IDX Lead Capture

6 Ideas for IDX Lead Capture

Jan 25, 2022

The foundation of a great real estate website is a dynamic home search powered by IDX.

How do you turn those searches into qualified leads? We’ve created a handy checklist for you to download that covers 6 of the top ideas for capturing leads on your Flexmls-Connected website.

  1.     Follow Up
  2.     Landing Pages
  3.     Email Marketing
  4.     Be Social
  5.     Get Hyperlocal
  6.     Mobile-First Strategy

Our free download includes all the links you need to get help and information from FBS Products.

Each solution in the FBS Products lineup has built-in calls-to-action for lead capture. Take a few minutes to get a free, personalized guided tour from an IDX Product Consultant by clicking the button below!

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