10 Agent IDX Website Mistakes

Jun 9, 2021

Why isn’t your website working for you?

  • Maybe you’re not getting enough traffic or capturing enough leads?
  • Perhaps you have no idea what kind of value your website offers (or could offer) over other agent websites out there?
  • Or it could be that you’re wondering why you even have a website?

You’re not alone. Yet, the reality is that it doesn’t take thousands of dollars, a developer, and Shakespearean prose to create a really great website. 

That’s why we created a guide to help you clear away the often overwhelming clutter of advice and avoid common pitfalls.

If you’re creating a new website and hoping to learn from others’ mistakes, or if your website has been around for a while and needs a check-up, our free downloadable guide, “10 Agent IDX Website Mistakes”, is a great place to start.

And just remember: one of the most important factors in evaluating your website’s success is having strong metrics. Know what you should be tracking, what your benchmarks are, and review your numbers regularly. In our experience, the biggest pitfall of all is your unrealistic or undefined expectations.

Speaking of common pitfalls: how accurate is the home search on your site?

Flexmls® IDX solutions are the fastest and most accurate IDX home search products available and are connected directly to the Flexmls platform for lead and portal integration.

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