How Your Flexmls Portal Works With Your Flexmls Connected IDX Site

Feb 27, 2020

By Mike Price – IDX Trainer

As a Flexmls subscriber, you enjoy the benefit of LIVE data updates.

This excellent feature extends to our FBS IDX solutions, but the benefits of your Flexmls platform don’t stop there!

There is more power in the Flexmls connection through your Portal preferences.

What is the Flexmls Portal?

portalinterface.pngAccessed via your FlexMLS login, your Portal works with your contacts to provide a personalized area for prospects and clients to keep track of listings and more. Not just on the web but in the industry’s best mobile home search application.

There is no need to have multiple dashboards or systems to work with your leads as the Portal integration of your FBS IDX solution automatically puts them into your Flexmls contact manager.

Integrating your Portal with your IDX site is easy and straightforward.

Below is an example of an FBS IDX WordPress Plugin powered site that has included a link inviting prospects to establish a Portal subscription.


Clearly defined value propositions improve the chances of generating Portal leads. In this case, a brief outline of what a lead or customer can accomplish when they subscribe to your Portal on your website:

  • Save their searches
  • Favorite listings
  • Get instant updates on listings they’re interested in
  • Track the changing status of favorite listings
  • Add notes and messages that come directly to you.

Best of all, you get to see all their activity from the FlexMLS system, providing you with critical intelligence about what kinds of properties your customers are interested in and how actively engaged they are in their search (and therefore serious about moving forward.)

All invitations to the Portal from your FBS IDX solution, come through a series of flexible CTAs (calls to action) like saving a search, that provide an opportunity to capture client contact information in your Portal – essentially generating a “lead” from your website.

You have the ability in your IDX Manager (for SmartFrame) or Plugin settings in your WordPress dashboard (for WordPress plugin) to decide how you want your prospects to be able to search before providing you with their information. For instance, you can have a prompt appear whenever a visitor to your site has been there for a certain amount of time, or after they have performed a certain number of searches.

The Bottom Line. With a LIVE FBS IDX Solution powering your most crucial marketing resource, your website, you can funnel your website, visitors, directly to your Flexmls Portal as a lead. It sets you apart from your competition and reduces the chance of you losing prospects down the rabbit hole of large portal sites (who then want to sell you back your lead for a fee!)

Want to see how the path of calls-to-action and portal lead capture work? You can get a free guided tour of the trifecta of exclusive LIVE data IDX solutions available to you as a user of Flexmls. Just click the button below to get added to the schedule, and an IDX specialist will get back with you!

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