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Strategies For A Winning Broker Website

Sep 29, 2020

Big Broker Results. Small Broker Resources.

You’ve invested time and capital into a website for your brokerage. You’ve promoted it, but of the people you’ve been able to get to the site, few convert to leads. Why? Usually, it boils down to a lack of strategy and planning.

The Challenges of Strategy & Tactics

Ask any broker that has taken the time to implement the strategies discussed in this article, and they will tell you that it takes patience. The ROI is not immediate. They will also tell you that some trial and error is needed to get it just right. Sometimes brokers will spend all of their time and effort trying to employ a ton of tactics. Having a big tech stack isn’t the answer. Not every tactic you use in your strategies will bear fruit. Making sure that a full strategy is in place and then implementing and tracking the tactics, will generate results. Whether it’s trying A/B tests on copywriting, upping your game with your creative, like photos and video, once your strategies are in place, you can be flexible with your tactics. Eventually, you will start to hit the bullseye with more predictable consistency.     

It’s All About The CTAs

Your site’s CTAs are the critical components to lead capture. Will prospects give you their contact information in exchange for the download of a unique piece of content you’ve created? Will they be more likely to make a portal account for saved searches, favorites, and alerts if you work hard to be creative? Is it possible to develop and maintain the type of content necessary to convert buyers and sellers to leads? Will top producing agents at other brokerages have site envy? Can it be done without a huge budget?

The answers to these questions are yes. Some small brokers see tremendous returns on investment with their websites. They are positioning them as resources that strengthen their brands. They are staying top-of-mind in their respective marketplaces with buyers, sellers, and agents. What are the key strategies that can establish your site as a go-to resource?

Essential Strategies For Broker Website Success

By creating and implementing hyperlocal and niche-based saved searches, IDX is being used by brokers who understand the tremendous content value it holds.

Testimonials & Reviews
We all know how critical referrals are. However, most brokers and agents do not take the time to implement a full strategy that can show tremendous results in filling a pipeline with quality leads.

Hyperlocal & Niche Based Content
Quite simply, buyers and sellers want to know what you know about location and lifestyle. Employing this strategy can help you slay any competitor, large or small.

Market Stats
Consumers are empowered with a significant amount of data these days. Providing targeted information in an easy to understand format will keep eyeballs on your pages.

If you think that pumping an automatic feed of listings to Twitter and Facebook is a social strategy, you’re doing it wrong. Way wrong! Your social strategy is all about engagement and creating conversations. It’s another area where hard work pays off big if you’re willing to be patient.

Go Forth & Publish
Taking the time to establish your strategies and implement tactics will eventually generate an ROI that isn’t dependent on a hamster wheel of purchasing and distributing leads. We wish you the greatest success with your battle plan!  

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