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Insider Tips for Today’s Market - Tip #1

Jun 14, 2023

Don’t forget about the “ADD a Field” button.

By Brett Woolley
Buyer’s Agent & Seller’s Agent

One of the best things about teaching Flexmls® classes for Continuing Education is that I get to talk with my fellow agents about the issues they are facing. The real fun is then helping them solve some of their problems by showing them some remarkable, but lesser known, features in Flexmls.

A common problem I’ve heard in class lately is the dual impact of rising mortgage rates and high home prices. Rising rates not only affect buyers but are also one of the main reasons sellers are not selling, which keeps inventories low and prices high, and that makes qualifying for a home harder for many families. For those who can qualify, competition in the more affordable segment of the market can be intense.

For this reason, home buyers need a good real estate agent now more than ever. Looking on public home search sites may not be enough to find the home they can actually buy. For the Flexmls-savvy agent, the opportunity to provide a higher level of service by being “the best home-searcher in town” is now!

Tip #1: Custom Flexmls Quick Search Templates…Don’t forget about the “ADD a Field” button.

Being the best home-searcher goes well beyond price, bedrooms and location. In  today’s market there are many factors that go into finding the right home for your client.

And that brings us to the Quick Search templates in Flexmls. The default Quick Search template is set up by your local MLS committee. These committees have a tough job, they make decisions for hundreds or even tens of thousands of real estate professionals. While the default Quick Search is extremely useful, sometimes you want to add a certain search field that is not included. When that happens, you can use the “Add” button at the bottom and continue building your search criteria.The initial Quick Search solution works fine, but over time it can be tedious to constantly be searching for and adding the fields you need for your clients. Why not make your own Quick Search template with more of the fields you want? With the Flexmls “Add” button, you can!

And best of all, these custom Flexmls Quick Searches can automatically flow over to your IDX Home Search Website via a SmartFrame or WordPress Plugin for your clients and prospects to enjoy as well. Now that’s a higher level of service!

Here’s a step-by-step quick video tutorial on using the Add a Field button.

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Keep an eye out for Tip #2 coming soon…”Flexmls Custom Lists and Views”.


Here’s to your success!