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3 Hot Tips for Smaller Brokers to Help Their Agents Online

Jan 15, 2022

Walk the talk

What does your broker website look like? Let’s be honest now and we’ll keep it between us. Does it work well on any device, look current and in keeping with the latest trends in website design and navigation, have lots of clean space to rest the eyes, provide thoughtful hyperlocal neighborhood info, and a fast, accurate home search? Or is it a remnant of the early 2000s with a distracting background, too much text, and static property info that gets easily out of date?

Although websites used to be the only game in town when it came to online presence, it is true that social media and mobile apps have sucked some of that air out of that virtual room. But that doesn’t mean that websites aren’t still important. They are still, often, the first impression you make with clients AND potential agent recruits. Think of it like the clothes you wear to an interview. Do you want to show up in stonewashed denim shorts and your stained high-school sweatshirt or a nice pair of slacks and a shirt?

70% of agents and brokers have a website, based on NAR’s 2020 research, up from 67% in 2019. If someone is researching your brokerage online before choosing to work with one of your agents, a website provides you with credibility and establishes your brand – your values, your approach, and what makes you different.

When you show your agents how it’s done, you encourage them to up their own game online. As added bonuses, you can make sure to profile your agents on your site, and all this investment in putting your best foot forward can pay off in your recruiting efforts too.

We recommend a flexible, customizable WordPress-based website for your brokerage and investing in a developer to trick it out with everything tailored to your brand. A great addition is also the FBS Products WordPress IDX Plugin which provides a Flexmls-connected home search with built-in lead capture and lead routing.


You may not have a trainer but we can help with that!

Our Success Academy is a fantastic resource of free education and information for agents looking to step up their online game and win more leads online. It doesn’t cost you more than a few seconds to find a great article, video, or recorded webinar, you can share with your agents in a once-weekly email.

Here are a few of our most popular we recommend, to get you started:

  1. ARTICLE: 8 Winning Features of a Successful Agent Website
  2. VIDEO: IDX Manager: A Flexmls Hidden Gem

You can also follow our Facebook page and simply one-click to reshare the resources we post there.


Bolster recruiting efforts with a free or low-cost IDX offering

Many larger brokerages now offer agents a website as part of their standard technology stack, offsetting costs in whole or in part through periodic technology fees. 

That’s great if you have hundreds of agents. But, for smaller brokerages without the same purchasing power, it’s often hard to compete for great agents on a benefit-by-benefit basis.

That’s why FBS Products offers two programs to help you increase your broker’s value proposition.

Co-Marketing Partnership Discounts

Invite us into your next office meeting for an informative virtual presentation about how to leverage IDX successfully, and we’ll offer an exclusive, available nowhere-else discount to every agent who signs up for a subscription to either our SmartFrame or WordPress IDX Plugin solutions. 

Volume Subscriptions

If you want to replicate the big-broker experience for some or all of your agents, our SmartFrame solution is the perfect way to deliver a powerful, accurate home search that works no matter what website platform your agents are using. Substantial discounts are available for broker-paid subscriptions of 5 or more.


Want to learn more about Co-Marketing or Volume Subscriptions?

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