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Less Blah Blah, More Ah-Ha & More - Special Guest: Ken Brand

Mar 19, 2020

Less Blah Blah, More A-ha! – That’s the title of an awesome book written by a real estate icon recognized as one of the best in the industry at building and leading a large team of top tier performers. Ken Brand has been at the forefront of winning strategies since the time he used “An mls book and roll of quarters to call people”. We are proud to have him join us in an exclusive training for real estate pros.

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It’s an hour of actionable information that breaks down on and offline ways to have a pipeline of leads that pour to the top of your marketing funnel by being aware of things like demographics & psychographics that shape opportunities in our social interactions. Our IDX trainer Mike Price also introduces his 6 rules of engagement for social media to help guide best practices for online social savvy skills.

We think you will enjoy the conversation and walk away with something you can implement in your strategies.