IDX WordPress Websites A Beginners Guide Free Download

IDX WordPress Websites: A Beginner's Guide

Aug 20, 2021

New to WordPress but considering setting up a WordPress website? Then read on…

WordPress is now the platform behind 40% of all websites, worldwide. And yet there is still trepidation amongst agents about setting up a WordPress site.

We understand that there are concerns from agents who have never worked with WordPress, don’t consider themselves to be particularly tech-savvy, are generally confused about how all the elements of setting up a self-hosted site come together, and are worried about escalating costs if they hire a developer. Time is also a factor: developing a new site – a good one that will represent you well and generate results – is a time investment.

Many of these concerns are legitimate but they’re also factors that come with creating almost any new website. WordPress may take some time to learn and understand but so does any platform. And if you don’t want to handle it all yourself, you’ll need a developer regardless of which platform you build your website on.

So, we thought we’d take some time to demystify WordPress for you. Sometimes a little education can go a long way to easing that sense of overwhlem that comes with starting a new project or learning a new technology; worries that can stop us from moving forward on something that may very well be the right move for our business.

Maybe WordPress isn’t right for you. But wouldn’t it be great if you could make that decision from a more informed place vs. just nonspecific trepidation?

Creating a new IDX website takes thought, time, and some technical know-how, no matter what platform you use. We have many Success Articles here in our Success Academy that offer great advice on what makes a great website and we highly recommend you browse through them for valuable tips and tricks.

If you do decide to give WordPress a try, we’d love for you to set-up a quick demo of our Flexmls® IDX WordPress plugin, to complement your new site.

It’s integrated with Flexmls Portals and Contact Management, and, like all our IDX home search solutions, has live, up-to-the-second accurate data directly from your MLS.

We also offer a turn-key website solution through our partners at iAgentWebsite, which includes professional installation of the Flexmls WordPress Plugin as well as the set-up of all the most important elements of your site, handled for you by their WordPress experts.

If either of these solutions sounds like something you want to explore, just click the Schedule A Demo button, below, and one of our Product Consultants, Jake, Sid, or Steve, will be happy to help.

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